Financial Incentives

Get Your Business Growing Australian Government

This information is aimed at small to medium business owners who’s wondering about the next step or has changing business needs, there are Government employment initiatives and financial incentives to help you hire staff.


Age Management Toolkit for Employers National Seniors

The toolkit comprises evidence-based information, resources, guidelines and good practice examples that have been sourced from a wide range of leading national and international agencies and expert bodies specialising in the fields of employment, management and workforce ageing.  The information and resources contained in the toolkit are designed to:

  • Provide valuable practical tips and resources on age management practices
  • Assist in the effective management of the ageing workforce
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of mature age workers 

Employer Toolkit: Guidance for Managers of Older Workers

The Employer Toolkit is a new interactive resource, offering guidance for managers of older workers.  The information available details how employers can better manage their workforce, and by doing so, how they can capitalise on the UK’s changing demographics.

The Toolkit includes information relating to the 3 ‘R’s highlighted by the Government’s former Business Champion for Older Workers, Dr Ros Altmann CBE. These are retaining, retraining and recruiting older workers. Information is also included on a range of other topics including knowledge management and flexible working arrangements.

Engaging All Ages At Work: Managing An Ageing Workforce  Diversity Works NZ

The world has changed. Gone are the days when an employee would reach 60 and shuffle off to tend their garden or play golf, living out their days on a tidy retirement package. There are multiple reasons why people are working longer and multiple benefits to be gained by employers who embrace an increasingly age-diverse workforce.  Here we offer some top tips for making the most of your Wisdom Workers.

Investing In Experience: Managing An Older Workforce Comcare

With workplaces centre stage to keeping people in employment healthy and productive, integrated workplace strategies are needed in order to realise the productivity benefits of four generations at work, and remove barriers to workforce participation for older people who want to work in the Australian Public Service (APS).

Manager Flexibility Toolkit

A toolkit developed by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to create successful, engaged, productive and flexible teams.

Mature Aged Information for Employers – Investing in Experience Toolkit Australian Government – Department of Jobs and Small Business

This guide has been developed for organisations employing people aged 45 years and over in Australia. The guide is for owners and operators of small to medium-sized businesses and staff from businesses of any size who are responsible for developing and implementing human resource policies and practices.