Background Information

Email is an increasingly important vehicle for cost effective and sustainable communication between staff (paid and unpaid) of Re-think, Re-engage Australia (RRA) and external partners and agencies. Its use by staff becomes a formal corporate record of RRA and is governed by relevant legislation, by RRA’s values and code of conduct.

Policy Statement

RRA is committed to establishing a framework for the proper and efficient use of email by staff (paid and unpaid) of the RRA.

Policy Objectives

This policy seeks to:

  • Advise users of RRA email of their rights and responsibilities
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation
  • Protect the user and the RRA from the risk posed by illegal or improper use of email
  • Assist the user to manage email in a way that is sensitive to the needs of others and avoids waste of time and/or resources.

Relevant Definitions

Email means a message, including any attachments, sent in an electronic format from one user to one or more other users via a computer network, using an email protocol.


  • This policy applies to all users who send emails on behalf of the RRA.
  • It applies to emails, the contents of emails, electronic attachments to email and information associated with such communications.

Policy Provisions

  • Emails sent and received by a member of the RRA community acting in their RRA capacity, form part of the RRA’s official records and must therefore comply with the RRA’s Records Management Policy, Queensland Libraries and Archives Act 1988 and related legislation.
  • Use of email is subject to the laws relating to copyright, FOI, breach of confidentiality, privacy and anti-discrimination. Users are required to respect confidentiality, privacy, legal/professional privilege and the rights of others and to ensure that the content and dissemination of email does not jeopardise those protections.
  • Users are expected to respect the standards of courtesy and professionalism that apply to all RRA communications and to avoid aggressive or abusive messages.

Policy Review


RRA will review this Policy regularly. It may amend the Policy from time to time to ensure its currency with respect to relevant legislation and to improve the general effectiveness and operation of the Policy.

Policy Authorisation

Policy Applies to: All Staff

Version: 1.1

Approval Authority: President

Approval date: 5 September 2017

Policy update:  4 February 2018

Review date: 18 July 2019