Older Workers Set to Boost the Growing Queensland Economy

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The Queensland economy will go through several dramatic changes in 2018 as it is set to gain momentum in continuing to grow, following relatively weak performance across the past three years.

According to global recruitment specialist Hays back in 2017, a key ingredient to this success will be the demand and supply for highly-skilled professionals who possess highly honed skills, extensive experience and [will be] technology savvy.

Regrettably, this workforce demand and supply trend will not only be confined to Queensland but will impact Western Australia and intensifying in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

Welcome … to the age of uncertainty.

Never has it been harder for business, government and communities to develop innovative workforce strategies in our Australia’s multi-speed economy to become more flexible, responsive and find talented workers. But with these social and cultural challenges come fresh opportunities.

Re-think Re-engage Australia (RAA), a newly created Not-For-Profit organisation has heeded the call to action to re-engage older workers, address future talent shortages and unlock prosperity across Queensland and Australia.

The RRA will partner and work with business, government and the community will be coming together to work and help co-design an overarching talent engagement approach to engage older workers.

“An increase in overseas migrants may counter some demand, but not all,” Hays wrote.

RRA’s vision is to bring about real change in Australia’s mindset to re-think, re-engage and build a positive strategy for older workers to drive innovation in the Queensland and Australian economy.

There is a lot of talent out there if we can just stop putting older workers in the category of old, useless and unprepared for the new economy.

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Tony Wiggins is the Founder of the Re-think Re-engage Australia committed to leading innovative workforce thinking to re-engage the untapped talent in the Queensland and Australian economy. His extensive experience and talent as a senior HR professional is highly sought after in developing forward thinking strategies to take Australia into the future global economy.