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This is a joint RRA and Australian Human Resoucres Institute (AHRI) event in Brisbane.

Gaining and maintaining employment opportunities for mature and older Australians is becoming increasingly difficult. In her role as the Age Discrimination Commissioner, the Hon. Dr Kay Patterson has traversed our nation, listening to stories of those who struggle to find work. Some have applied for hundreds of jobs over several years, without success, others give up.

To begin this session, the Hon. Dr Kay Patterson will provide an overview of the employment landscape for those mature and older Australians looking for work. Following this introduction, a panel discussion of experts (including Dr Kay Patterson) will discuss the the current recruitment practices and its impact on older workers.  The panel discussion will be chaired by Andrea O’Halloran, AHRI QLD Diversity and Inclusion Convenor and Re-think Re-engage Australia (Board Member).


#olderworkers #socialimpact #socialchange #diversity #discrimination #jobs #HR #workplace

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