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The benefits of re-engaging older workers are not just for older workers, or the organisations who employ them, the re-engagement process benefits the younger generations too.

By 2020, 4 in 10 Australian workers will be 45 or older, and out of work.   A new political mindset is needed with social innovators, think tanks and industry workforce leaders to challenge the current short-term political thinking and replace it with a long-term workforce strategy.

This is an issue that Mr Tony Wiggins, Founder/President, Re-think Re-engage Australia Inc will be addressing at the TEDx QUT Event on 15 September at the Gardens Point Campus.

Re-think Re-engage Australia Inc. mission is to engage the talent of Australia’s older workers to increase the prosperity and competitiveness of the Australian economy.

Mr Wiggins, said “that re-engaging only 5% (625,000 workers) of the current 45+ workers into paid employment by 2020, the economy would be boosted by $48 billion each year.” “This would deliver the Federal Government, a cash bonus to reduce homelessness, improve health outcomes and support our farmers and regional towns.”

There are strong moves in Australia in shifting to a 30-hour week. Older workers could then fill those 10-20 hours or take up the increase in productivity. It would improve not only the workers quality of working life but also the family life of the young families.

Also, the value of older workers in multi-generational teams would grow the Australian economy. With four generations working side-by-side, there would be a mix of pre and post digital natives where each generation bring unique skills to employers.

Looking to the future, Australia would have all four generations working together to grow the Australian economy. Australia will be creating a future to improve the quality of working and family life for younger generations and creating a future for older workers.

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Media Enquiries – Anthony (Tony) Wiggins, Founder, Re-think Re-engage Australia Inc., Brisbane Queensland Mobile: 0401 458 573


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