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To manage the changes to Australia’s demographics, employers should start to prepare for an ageing workforce and develop strategies to manage and retain older workers, including:

    1. Undertaking an age audit and succession planning – by monitoring things such as the age of staff in particular areas and the age of people leaving, employers can best plan for future resourcing needs and the transfer of skills and knowledge.
    2. Conducting training for managers and recruitment panels on unconscious age-related bias and stereotypes of older workers to tackle unlawful discriminatory practices and unconscious bias towards older people in the organisation. 
    3. Developing mentoring/coaching programs to promote skill transfer between younger and older workers, as well as training on managing and working within intergenerational teams to address the issues of working in multi-generational teams.
    4. Developing flexible employment opportunities and conditions for older workers to accommodate their needs. This may include redesigning jobs to accommodate physical restraints, offering job share arrangements and implementing phased retirement options.
    5. Assisting workers transition to retirement by running ‘preparing for retirement’ awareness sessions and sessions on financial counselling.
    6. Re-skilling older workers and investing in education programs that assist older workers to be more efficient and to harness new ways of working (such as utilising technology and social media). Source: Business Insider

Tony Wiggins is the Founder of Re-think Re-engage Australia, a NFP organisation committed to leading innovative workforce thinking to re-engage the untapped talent of older workers in the Australian economy. His extensive experience and talent as a senior HR professional is highly sought after in developing forward thinking strategies to take Australia into the future global economy.

Please feel free to contact Re-think Re-engage Australia Inc – rrfaustralia@gmail.com to discuss how RRA can support your organisation with strategies for managing an ageing workforce.

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