This Channel 10 News Report may be 7 years old but is still very relevant today with unemployment announced last week in real terms at 20%. Yes 20%……….

Globalisation and workforce shifts have significantly changed the nature of demand for labour in Australia. This has resulted in the under-employment of older workers. This untapped talent needs to drive future innovation and improved productivity.

RRA is leading this challenge for our older workers by creating awareness within Australian businesses highlighting that older workers’ need to be considered as a valuable resource in contributing to an internationally competitive Australian economy.

To address this issue of untapped talent, RRA has devised a range of strategies including “Paid Corporate Internships” (Internships). Proactive businesses understand the value in working with interns to complete short-term assignments to boost productivity. Interns possess great work experience, have a mature work ethic and are high-calibre professionals who are seeking full employment.

“Internships” have the advantage in building workforce diversity and a multigenerational workforce more in line with your customer base. Ultimately, interns will become your brand ambassadors and will be a “ready pool” of proven talent available to your business.

To become involved (as a business or intern) in our “Paid Corporate Internships” (PCI’s) contact Tony Wiggins, Founder/President 0401 458 573

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Tony Wiggins is the Founder of the Re-think Re-engage Australia committed to leading innovative workforce thinking to re-engage the untapped talent in the Queensland and Australian economy. His extensive experience and talent as a senior HR professional is highly sought after in developing forward thinking strategies to take Australia into the future global economy.

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